Thursday, February 13, 2014
Savannah Golf Club
11:30 Lunch / 12-1pm Program.

The Pure Business
Essential Advice Series is an exclusive set of events that combines the strongest panel of experts with the most important business topics to address all of the critical issues.

Welcome to Martin Financial Group

Martin Financial Group is a multi-generational firm that specializes in developing and managing comprehensive financial strategies primarily for business owners, specialty physicians, and affluent individuals. We combine the capital markets, tax strategies, and other financial instruments to minimize risk, mitigate taxes, and to assist our clients in reaching their financial goals.

With our experience in advising sophisticated clients, MFG is poised and committed to providing you the expertise, access, and results you deserve. To ensure that our clients are always up to date on the most powerful financial strategies available, we maintain relationships with experienced tax advisors, insurance companies, banks and investment providers.

Everyone we’re introduced to has done some planning and has incumbent advisors.In most cases, there has been a lot of talk and some execution. Yet, they still don’t feel able to totally relax about their affairs.They may even sense things aren’t quite where they should be.

We help people move from doing to finishing. For each opportunity or challenge, we’re able to get to the broader issue and work towards a complete resolution. Allow us to walk you through how we’re able to achieve this on a consistent basis.